What We Do

We represent employees in their claims against their employers and others who violate their rights in the workplace.

From offices in Sherman Oaks and downtown Los Angeles, the lawyers of the Spivak Law Firm focus exclusively on employee rights litigation whether in State or federal court, or before government agencies and arbitrators. They seek monetary compensation for everyday people who lack the resources to fight court battles against well-financed employers and large corporations.

We understand that victims of wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination need every penny they have just to survive the unexpected and potentially lengthy period of unemployment that a wrongful termination of employment entails. If we take your case, we’ll advance all the necessary legal fees and costs so you can pursue the remedies you deserve… and we won’t expect a penny from you until your case is settled or won. During a period of unemployment, you have enough to worry about with mounting bills. Why should you have to worry about paying your attorney, too?

We hope you will choose our California labor lawyers for your claims. We have substantial experience in the areas of

It doesn’t matter to us where in California you live. We fight for aggrieved workers all over the State of California. We will prosecute your claim in a court for the city or county you worked in.

If you have a strong case, we’ll get you results. Our lawyers have obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Your free consultation with one of our attorneys is just a phone call away. You can reach us any time of day at

(877) 277-2950 Toll Free
Email Help@FightWrongfulTermination.com

An experienced workplace rights lawyer is standing by to fight for you.

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The Spivak Law Firm only accepts California, Washington D.C., and New York cases.

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